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Android 4.4 rugged PDA device with barcode reader gun grip option ideal for retail warehouse, Chainway
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CALL US :+44 (0)203 086 9001   

Android 4.4 rugged PDA device with barcode reader gun grip option ideal for retail warehouse[C4050-O]

Android 4.4 rugged PDA device with barcode reader gun grip option ideal for retail warehouse[C4050-O]


£474.00 (Inc.VAT)
£395.00 (Ex.VAT)
Quantity :

Available Options:

Biometric fingerprint option:

Biometric fingerprint reader snap-on (+£80.00) 

Camera option:

8 mega pixel camera (+£20.00) 

Optional Accessories:

cradle (+£50.00) 
Pistol Grip (+£35.00) 
Pistol Grip with built-in battery + Docking cradle for charging (+£97.00) 


13.56mhz ISO14443A/B (+£28.00) 
LF 125khz/134.2khz FDX-B (+£88.00) 
LF 134.2khz HDX (+£88.00) 

C4050 presents you with more innovative options for compact handheld devices, For the first time there is physical keypad on Android devices. The IP64 water/dust proof, 1.2m/ 3.9ft drop survival, shock-resistance rubber seals are all equipped to ensure durability. A QUAD-core processor up to 1.3GHz, 1GB RAM and up to 32GB expansion are all designed to boost up speed again.

Anywhere Wireless Connectivity
Keep operators connected outdoor and indoor with 3G cellular and 802.11b/g/n WIFI .

Physical keypad on Android
We bring the physical keypad on Android for your consideration. The unique industrial handheld device you can find on market

Ease of Use
With re-designed buttons, trigger, and options of keypads, creating new experience. Comes with a comfortable pistol grip option, carrying the C4050 is burden-free.

Quad core processor is now ready
C4050 is running on a quadcore 1.3GHz ultra fast processor, Your business speed is UP again.

Dual-battery Design (optional)
Installed main battery and pistol battery provides 3200mAh plus 5200mAh lager capacity, supporting more than doubled power to work out.



  • Transportation & Logistics
  • Power & Electricity
  • Meter reading
  • Warehouse
  • Retail
  • Manufacturing
  • Energy & Chemical
  • Medical & Healthcare
  • Industry solutions
  • Chain store management
  • Pet tags application
  • Animal tracking
  • Supermarkets
  • Asset tracking
  • Parking ticketing

(Above listed price is for the handheld with  Android 4.4 Qwerty style keypad, 1D barcode, wifi, 3G, GPS and bluetooth please use available options to configure according to your requirement or call us for more options, prices and discount)

Physical Characteristics
Dimensions 176mm * 76mm * 28.5mm / 6.93 * 3.0 *1.12 in.
Weight 292g / 10.3oz. (includes scanners and main battery)
Display 4'' TFT-LCD touch screen with backligh, 16.7M colours ,480 W× 800L (WVGA )
Power Main bat. rechargeable li-ion battery 3200mAh Pistol bat. rechargeable li-ion battery 5200mAh (with pistol grip)
Expansion Slot 1 PSAM, 1 SIM/PSAM
Interfaces USB Micro-B, serial port RS-232 (TTL)?USB Host/client
Audio 0.5Watt speaker, build-in microphone
Keypad 3 function buttons, 3 side buttons, qwerty / numeric keypad
Sensors light sensor, proximity sensor,G-sensor
CPU Cortex-A7 1.3GHz quad-Core
Expansion MicroSD max.32GB expansion
WLAN WI-FI IEEE802.11b/g/n?internal antenna
WWAN GPRS/EDGE (850/900/1800/1900MHz), WCDMA (850 / 1900 / 2100MHz)
Bluetooth Bluetooth specification v2.1+EDR Bluetooth specification v3.0+HS compliance Bluetooth v4.0 Low Energy (LE) Range?3~5m
GNSS GPS (Embedded A-GPS)
Barcode Scanning
1D Lienear Scanner Symbol SE955
1D Symbologies All major 1D barcodes
2D Symbologies Symbol SE4500
2D Image Scanner PDF417, MicroPD F417, Composite, RSS, TLC-39, Datamatrix, QR code, Micro QR code, A ztec, MaxiCode; Postal Codes: US PostNet, US Planet, UK Postal, Australian Postal, Japan Postal, Dutch Postal (KIX), etc.
Camera 8.0 mega pixels, auto focus with LED
User Environment
Operating Temp -10 to 50?/14 to 122?
Storage Temp -40 to 70?/-40 to 158?
Humidity 5%RH - 95%RH?Non-condensing?
Drop Specification 3.9ft/1.2 m drop to concrete, 6 drops per 6 sides over operating temperature range
Tumble Specification 1,000times, 0.5m/1.64ft tumbles, rolling by six contact surface, meets and exceeds
Sealing IP64
ESD +/-15KV VDC air discharge +/-8KV direct discharge
Developing Environment
Operating System Android 4.4.2
SDK Chainway Software Development Kit
Language Java
Tool eclipse
UHF RFID Frequency 840 - 8845MHz/920 - 925MHz(840~960MHZ for customization)
UHF RFID Protocol EPC C1 GEN2/ISO18000?6C
UHF RFID Antenna Linear polarization (3dbi)
UHF RFID Power 1W (+10dBm to +30dBm)
HF RFID Chips 1) M1card (S50/S70), M0 (Ultralight), M3 ( Desfire D40/ D41 / D81), CPU_A card 2) CPU_B card 3) ICODE II, TI2048, LRI64K 4) Others for customization
HF RFID Frequency 13.56MHz
HF RFID Protocol ISO14443A/B, ISO15693
HF RFID Range 2 - 8cm / 0.79 - 3.15in.
LF RFID Frequency 125~134kHz (FDX-B/HDX)
LF RFID Protocol ISO11784/5
LF RFID Chips 1) R/O ID card eg. EM4100/4200,TK4100 2) R/W ID card eg. EM4305/HITAG S 3) Others for customization
LF RFID Range 2 - 8cm (FDX-B), 2 - 16cm (HDX)